Searching scholarly literature
Links Notes
Google Scholar Freely accessible search that indexes full text of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources.
Web of Science(paid) Provides access to multiple databases, cross-disciplinary research, and in-depth exploration of specialized subfields within an academic or scientific discipline
Scopus (paid)Abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources. Also contains tools to track, analyze and visualize research, author preview and author details.
SciFinder(paid) Chemical Abstracts bibliographic database, and associated structure and reaction databases. Access to a wide diversity of research from many scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science and agricultural science.
PubMed Free database accessing the MEDLINE database of citations, abstracts and some full text articles on life sciences and biomedical topics
STN(paid) Scientific & Technical Information Network provides access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties, and other data.
Compendex Computerized Engineering index is a computerized version engineering database covering major engineering fields.
ChemSpider Database of Chemical Structures and Property Predictions
Searching patent literature
Google Patents : US Search engine from Google that indexes patents and patent applications from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) .It also has a prior art finder link which gives a quick list of Scholar articles, patents, books, people, and web results for the relevant prior art.
Esp@cenet : PCT, EP Free access to worldwide patent information.
Delphion(paid)Patent database for US, EU, PCT , Japan , Korea ,China
Derwent(paid) PDatabase containing patent applications and grants from 41 of the world's patent issuing authorities. Edited titles and abstract to retrieve useful data.
USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office patent search of only US patents
Patent scope WIPO's Gateway to Patent Services and Activities including patent search
Free patents online A free patent search engines that provides advanced search techniques such as word stemming, proximity searching, relevancy ranking and search term weighting to help you find exact match
Patent FetcheFree way to get complete U.S. Patent and published Patent Application PDF files after you have performed a patent search.
PAJ (Japan)Japanese patents search giving computer translated details
SIPO (China)Chinese patent search with abstract and other patent related services
Micropat (paid)Patent database for US, EU, PCT , Japan , Korea ,China (reduces family members and duplicates)
Qpat (paid)Patent database for US, EU, PCT , Japan , Korea ,China and India
Patbase (paid)Provides search (from over 95 issuing authorities worldwide), save, share, analyze and export patent data.
LENS(an open resource for innovation cartography): (paid)A powerful decision making tool for analysis and exploration of patent literature from integrated graphical representation of search results to advanced bioinformatics tools
Searching Indian patent
Indian Patent Office Indian Patent Office patent search
Ekaswa-TIFAC Yearly categorized Patent database
Timelines Calculator Computes PCT time limits on entering date
Timelines ChartChart giving details on timelines from priority date
PCT Fee Tables Tables giving details about the amounts and currencies of the main PCT fees which are payable to the receiving offices and the International Preliminary Examining Authorities during the International phase.
Non PCT countries List of non PCT countries
Patent Act of Non-PCT countries Patent Act of each Non-PCT country